Beach Iboih on Sabang – Aceh

In Aceh Aceh NAD or Darussallam there Weh island that have charm incredible beaches, the beach  named Iboih. This beach has a charm that can be paired with other interesting beaches in  Indonesia, has white sand, a calm and crystal clear waters. Can be said that is hidden heaven   island. You can visit this place … Continue reading

Damas Beach – trenggalek

Beaches damas is one of the beaches have black sand and a few rocks as a buffer along the beach  to reduce erosion. One of the beaches that still looks natural with a long shoreline with  sloping pattern. It is in the village district Karanggandu Watulimo ± 53 km south of the  coastal city Trernggalek.Luas … Continue reading

Firdaus Beach, North Minahasa Regency

Beach paradise remains a favorite of local residents and some travel from outside the area as  well as foreign tourists. Family recreation are extremely comfortable, have incredible natural  beauty. Paradise Beach Paradise Beach is located in the District of Kema, North Minahasa  district, located about about 30 miles from the city of Manado. Many things … Continue reading